It's Kai

Hi, it's Kai

Welcome to my little corner of the internet :)
Please enjoy your stay. if you're having a good time, let's do something together!

(and also feel free to
& tell me what's on your mind!)

Some things I've been exploring lately:

how principles and practices shape peoples lives
how important it is to simply show up
increasing the surface area for self-connection
posture and practicing the way you show up for yourself
"trying" vs "letting things unfold"
how the world needs you to come alive
honouring yourself in connnection with others
seeing the beauty in your own fear and awkwardness

Do any of these resonate with you? Let's go for a walk and talk about it :)

Sometimes, Kai writes.

attachment anxiety attack


okay you win

i give up

i know you don’t really plan on loving me

that’s okay

if i’m being totally honest

i expected that from the very beginning

your heart is not ready to open

and so i’ve already positioned mine

in front of the carving knife

a heart pockmarked by a thousand gashes

what harm is just one more stabbing?

so go ahead, tell me

how i’m too much for you

how this isn’t what you need right now

how i’m simply not good for you

tell me that the best thing i can do for you

is to walk out of your life

and slam the door behind me

before i crumple to the ground on the other side

and burst into tears

give me the word, and i will do it in a heartbeat

please haunt all of my nightmares

and transform into the emptiness i am constantly running from

and i will run run run run run all the way

from this life into the next

a loose cannon

a runaway stray

the one that finally got away