It's Kai

Hi, it's Kai

Welcome to my little corner of the internet :)
Please enjoy your stay. if you're having a good time, let's do something together!

(and also feel free to
& tell me what's on your mind!)

Some things I've been exploring lately:

how principles and practices shape peoples lives
how important it is to simply show up
increasing the surface area for self-connection
posture and practicing the way you show up for yourself
"trying" vs "letting things unfold"
how the world needs you to come alive
honouring yourself in connnection with others
seeing the beauty in your own fear and awkwardness

Do any of these resonate with you? Let's go for a walk and talk about it :)

Sometimes, Kai writes.

start by asking


i have recently started to realize how powerful asking can be. it turns out, you can ask for so many things!

you can ask your heart for what it wants—

but also, for what reassurance it needs to answer you honestly

you can ask for others to meet your needs—

but also, for what they are needing to be delighted to help

you can ask for hugs and for closeness, for space and for slowness—

if you’re especially lost, you can ask what you can ask for

you can ask with earnestness, or with great trepidation—

if you’re not sure how to ask, you can always ask to learn how :)

more words pls